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New Here

New Here

"O Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you; I will praise your name, for you have done wonderful things, plans formed of old, faithful and sure." Isaiah 25:1

Before Worship

People at First Presbyterian are very friendly and have a genuine heart in getting to know visitors and friends. 

Most people will be dressed casually (khaki pants, polo shirts, etc.). Some people wear jeans and others dress more formally. Wear whatever makes you comfortable. 


Sanctuary 10:35 Worship

Traditional worship led by piano and pipe organ used to play hymns that glorify God and edify man. Prayers, responsive Scripture readings, Christ-centered preaching, and Benediction is a main staple. The Lord's Supper is observed the first Sunday of the month. Again, the liturgy is understandable, biblical, and emphasizes the means of grace.


After Worship

Fellowship usually continues after worship with folks visiting with one another.