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So, what is The City and why are we using it? In short we hope it will enhance community and build engagement. But let's address a few questions:

1. What is different about The City from other Social Networks like Facebook?

Typically, interaction on social networks starts and stops online. You post a picture of your lunch, your friends like and comment on it, and that’s that. This is a common objection that people have to social media, because it creates a false sense of connection by trying to replace real life interaction with a post, comment, or like. The City, on the other hand, is specifically designed to facilitate community and mission amongst actual groups of people within the church who meet, work, and pray together in real life. Simply put, we do not depend on The City to create a sense of digital community and mission, rather, we use it as a digital tool to help facilitate the real life community and mission that we are already doing.

2. What does The City do that other social networks can't?

You heard it here first, you will never be able to download your annual giving statement from Facebook. While The City is primarily a communication tool, it is not only a communication tool. It also allows the people of FPC Sapulpa to do things like give online, meet other people from FPC who live in their neighborhood, and find volunteer opportunities based of their skills. Because The City is just for FPC, it allows us to do some powerful things that we simply could not do using other social media sites.

3. Should my kids sign up?

Much like other online accounts, The City requires that all users are 13 and older. All users between the age of 14 and 18 are only able to receive messages from people who they are friends with. This allows parents to keep tabs on the people their children are interacting with on The City.

4. Is The City Secure?

The City is a very secure web-based tool. It was originally created by a guy named Zack Hubert who worked for Amazon for eight years and helped them invent the online shopping cart. All online donations given through the Giving Module are processed through Vanco Services, a reputable (andPCI Certified) payment service. The City is now owned by ACS Technologies, a Seattle-based company that specializes in software solutions for the local church. Grace has a great relationship with ACS Technologies and we are proud to use their software.

5. Is The City Private?

Yes, it is! The only people who can see your City account are other people from FPC Sapulpa who also use The City. No one can google your name and find your City account. On top of that, you have complete control over who can and cannot see your contact information. 

No one will ever sell the information you share via The City. The City is owned by a company named ACS Technologies which specializes in creating software solutions for local churches. The City is overseen by Grace Church staff, and is designed only for our use.

Pastors and staff members do not have unlimited access to the content posted on The City. No one does. The only people who can see content posted within a group are the people who are a part of the group. Any prayer requests or needs that you share within your Life Group or other groups are only accessible to the members of that group, unless you specifically choose to share them with other friends and/or groups.

6. How will we monitor people who may post malicious things?

Because The City is a private social network designed to help you communicate with people that you know and are in community with it is very unlikely that you will encounter any offensive or malicious content. Unlike blogs or other completely open social networking sites, it is very difficult to be anonymous on The City. That being said, it is certainly not impossible for someone to post malicious content, which is why we have all of the necessary securities in place to guard against this. Account Administrators at FPC Sapulpa have the ability to permanently remove someone from The City if they abuse their account. Please notify a staff member in the event that you encounter someone who is posting malicious or inappropriate content to The City.

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