Dear Bride and Groom,

The Minister and Session of First Presbyterian Church rejoice with you during this special time of your life.  We believe that your wedding should be a time of great celebration and commitment.  It is our intention to aid you in every way possible to make this occasion a lifetime memory of hope and beauty.

The marriage service in the Presbyterian Church is a service of Christian worship, and should reflect the beauty and dignity of the faith we profess.  It is meant to be one of the most sacred and happiest moments in all of life.  It is a time when a couple comes to pledge themselves not only to each other, but together in Christ.  For these reasons, we make the facilities of First Presbyterian Church available to you in accordance with the policies stated in this brochure.

We look forward to working together with you, and trust the information in this brochure will be helpful as you begin making preparations for your wedding.  

If you are not a member of First Presbyterian Church,  you and your fiancé will need to meet with the Pastor and the Wedding Application will go before our Session for approval.  In order to get the process started your application must be returned to the church.  You will want to get the forms returned to us fairly soon.  This gives the Pastor a time to meet with you and time to present the application to Session.

Here are the steps to apply for a wedding at First Presbyterian Church, Sapulpa: 

1.   After fully reading the Wedding Policy Booklet, fill in and return to us the "Application For Use of Church Facilities for Weddings and Receptions".  You can fax the forms to 918-224-9402, 24/7.   There is a link for both forms  here, 

           Celebration of Marriage Wedding Policy Booklet and 

           Application for Use of Church Facilities for Weddings and Receptions.

2.   The Pastor will contact you to schedule an appointment with you both. 

3.   If after your meeting with Pastor, it is decided that you want to move forward, the application is presented to Session. (Session meets the third Tuesday of every month.) 

4.   After Session approves it, the application then goes to the Trustees for approval.  (Trustees meet second Monday of every month.)

5.   After final approval is made, you will get a call from me and we will give you the name of our Wedding Coordinator so that you can get the planning underway! 

Looking forward to being a part of this special time, 

The Session and Reverend Wally Johnson


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